Apple reveal new ‘touch’ magic mouse

magicmouseThis week apple have announced their new weapon in their current reign of ‘touch’ domination. Replacing the old (2005) mighty mouse and its wirless counterpart with a funky fresh new touch mouse the ‘Magic Mouse’ that has a multi-touch surface on the entire of its top side

The new mouse will be shipping with the new iMac models does a bit more than the usual left and right click, you can use your single finger to scroll around its supported apps, and not just up or down and side to side but all over the shop!

It also has a swipe feature which allows you to do such thing as swipe left with 2 fingers whilst in safari to go back a page, as well as navigating the images within iPhoto.

After Microsofts release of their touch friendly operating system it seams apple are already prepped with this counter attack! Fun times!