The top 12 internet scams of the naughties!

4049354009_9f9ef49fdf_oA list has been compiled of the top 12 internet scams of the past decade.. anyone who uses the internet often enough by now will have come across offers from an exiled rich prince or requests from strange banks asking for your account details.Well although funny for most of us, and even part of a comedy sketch on ‘PhoneJacker’.. these have actually worked on the poor non internet savy amongst the population! Check here for the top 12 scams

Whilst on this note it would be unfair not to mention scam baiter’s amongst us.. those who actively engage the spammers and get something out of them in return for a joke. My favourite being the guys who got Nigerians to act out a classic Monty Python sketch in hope of a college acting Grant.  Check out the video here.. a must for monty python fans and legendary status for the spam baiter’s who managed to pull it off!