– another step towards complete web apps

psmobilelogoWell at TWINK we’ve been using Google documents for a while now instead of Microsoft word or other such programs, google seemed to be the only ones taking real steps towards complete web apps especially with the release of their new chrome operating system entirely web based.

But now Adobe photoshop have joined in the party, and in a very user friendly way! Some people fear using photoshop.. give it a go take one look at layers and panic! Well now Adobe have released, not only can you easily apply filters, drop and edit images online but you also get 2gig of space which shares instantly with other popular apps like facebook and photobucket.

On top of this they have released great and FREE apps for the iphone and android so you can edit your pics on your phone and upload them directly to the same account!

If you haven’t already got an account sign up free now at (also have fun with moving the pics around and dragging them into the upload flume on the homepage)