Web Trends to watch out for in 2010

CNN’s net guru Pete Cashmore has wrote up his top 10 predictions for whats going to be big in 2010. Now usually these things are nonsense but have to say I agree with these completley (see previous TWINK news article about augmented reality)

In short are his top 10 predictions below.. which can safely say are backed up by TWINK. But for full details review see the article here

  1. Real-time ramps up
  2. GPS Location integration
  3. Augmented reality (see previous TWINK news post on this)
  4. Content ‘curation’
  5. Cloud computing
  6. Internet TV and movies
  7. Convergence conundrum
  8. Social gaming
  9. Mobile payments (one thing Pete fails to mention here is paypals new PayPal X coming soon!)
  10. Fame abundance, privacy scarcity