iSlate released this wednesday! – Tablet computing

Well is 2010 going to be the year of the tablet?

Its the words on every IT geeks lips at the moment.. and with apple set for another big product launch on Wednesday. Flurry (the browser checking company who determine what browsers people are using) have announced they have spotted an iSlate already browsing their networks. Using iPhone operating system which suggests they will be compatible. Flurry reports that 50 instances of tablet devices have been spotted downloading more than 200 applications,

So what is a tablet? If you dont already know its basically a giant flat screen (around a4 size) like a large touch screen iphone. Instead of using a laptop these devices could effectively browse the net, download your latest magazines or newspapers to read every day, play games, view images and more importantly watch movies and TV. All touch screen ready.

we are already designing websites at inLIFE with this new technology in mind, all touch screen compatible.