A note from our University intern


Demi Groves, inLIFE Internship.

I have just finished my first year at Nottingham Trent University studying Marketing, Design and Communication and embarked upon a placement at inLIFE to put all my hard work into practice.

I first decided I wanted to do this placement at inLIFE when I was researching local marketing agencies and noticed their website seemed so much more interesting, on further inspection I noticed the majority of their work revolved around the internet. It is a well known fact that everything is going online so I figured this would be useful experience for my future. Also with the new demand for online expertise it is now easy for businesses to con their customers so I instantly admired their honesty because it is this sort of company that you want to associate yourself with.

The thing I find most interesting about inLIFE is their expertise on SEO a I feel it is an invaluable tool for getting your business noticed online where there is so much competition; without this you are just a small fish in a big pond and will struggle to get the brand awareness that is needed for a successful company. Before my time here I was completely unaware that you could influence your ranks  on Google and just assumed it was picked at random but now I realize you need the likes of David and Chris to get noticed.

The thought of starting a placement somewhere unknown terrified me but David and Chris helped me settle in quickly. On my second day I had to be out the house at half 6 to go to a breakfast meeting – which was a lot different to the lie ins I had got so used to at uni! Somehow I managed to make the meeting and when I was there actually started to enjoy myself. I could now see how effective it was for getting your business known as David had made so many contacts that were actually willing to help him attract new customers.

I have enjoyed the responsibilities I have been given and look forward to launching a few marketing campaigns we have been working on in the near future.

As far as my future is concerned I intend to finish my degree and then look for a job in marketing although I haven’t yet decided the sort of area I want to go into but I am hoping this will become clear to me throughout my degree.


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