Is your website secure from the POODLE attack?

On October 14th 2014, Google released information on a critical vulnerability in SSLv3 called the POODLE attack.  

In short, the POODLE attack is a man-in-the-middle style attack which allows third parties to potentially decrypt data being transferred via HTTPS.

What does this mean for me as a website owner?

You may need to contact your web host and request that they disable SSLv3.  We also offer web hosting packages from as little as £100 per annum and our servers are secure and 100% safe from the POODLE attack.  Click here to check if your website is at risk.

What does this mean for me as a user?

If you are submitting sensitive data (i.e. credit card details) to a website which isn’t protected against this new SSL3 vulnerability, it may be possible for someone to steal the information you are sending.  Click here for a guide on how to disable SSL3 in your browser.

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