Going beyond virtual worlds

“We’re not talking about putting you into virtual worlds. We’re dreaming beyond virtual worlds.”

Last week we talked about Google Cardboard and its virtual reality features. We’ve been looking in to the HoloLens from Windows. It’s be given the title of “the most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen.” It’s a self-contained computer, including a CPU, a GPU, and a dedicated holographic processor.

The demonstration of HoloLens presents a highly ambitious vision of future computing and entertainment. Seven years in the making, the first idea pitched to Microsoft brought us Kinect. Which was the fastest-selling gaming device of all time.

It is still in its earliest development, however, HoloLens is attempting to be made available in the Windows 10 timeframe.

HoloLens presents a highly ambitious vision of the future of computing and entertainment. The dark visor up front contains a see-through display, it even includes spatial sound so you can “hear” holograms behind you, and it also integrates a set of motion and environmental sensors.

Take a look at this video, to see some of the cool features they’re predicted:

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