Why you should use your own images on your website?

featured picturesWho can sell your company better than you? That is why when you have a brand spanking new website we recommend you use your own pictures. Many businesses decide to use stock images which is all well and good if you are using them within the agreement guidelines. But the most effective way to have a striking web presence is to have your own images created.

By using the talents of graphic designers and photographers you can make your website more unique and memorable. The World Wide Web is worldwide, literally and your message can get lost but everyone loves the personal touch.

Humanising the web is the latest trend so by adding you to your site can give you the edge over all those stock images out there. Users find the personal touch more approachable therefore it breaks down the distance barriers of the web.

They always say pictures speak louder than words, whoever ‘they’ are but they are on to something. Not only does your own images make your website more approachable to potential clients and can establish your brand. It can also boost your SEO too, especially if you share your images on social media sites – bonus!

Give us a bell and we can discuss how you can make your mark on the World Wide Web.