Web & Digital Marketing tips with David Whitehouse #AskDW

dwinLIFE’s very own CEO David Whitehouse has begun his own series of videos to help shed the light on the world wide web with quick tips to help your business.

Technical jargon is thrown around all the time but do we really understand it and what it means for us. This is where David has launched his video series to give quick and useful web tips for business owners and online enthusiasts.

You can keep up to date with the latest topics and questions that have been asked on the David Whitehouse Facebook page which can be found by clicking here. His website: davidwhitehouse.me or you can tweet David on @DLWhitehouse.

Do you have any specific web or digital marketing questions? If you do you can use #askDW on Facebook or Twitter and ask them directly. The idea is to increase digital awareness across all businesses and to make the internet a better place.