Thinking outside the Instagram box

Instagram took the role of the Polaroid with its distinct square only images however, in the latest update they have let users think outside of the box. Although when scrolling through an Instagram feed though you can’t help but look on in envy at the perfect sunsets, beautifully arranged lunches and the array of someone’s expensive purchases.

However, one Bangkok photographer, Chompoo Baritone has created a new series of images that looks past the square. Instagram provides you the opportunity to put filters over the conveniently cropped image you’ve just captured. Revitalising the once mundane image and appearing as something unrecognisable. Looking at the world in rose-tinted glasses, Chompoo Baritone has looked into these “perfect” and thought out side of the box.

His series of images will make you think twice to that perfect headstand and that fittingly lonely beach pose might not be as lonely as shown. Check them out below:

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