5 Tech Ways to Scare People this Halloween

Want to give those trick-or-treaters a real fright? In the digital age, fake cobwebs and cardboard cut-outs of skeletons probably won’t do the trick. Take a look at these 5 ways to really get some Halloween fun with the use of modern technology.

  1. Project your fears

If you wanted an excuse to buy yourself a digital projector, here’s one! You can connect via Wi-FI and stream a scary film or character from a nearby distance.

  1. Upgrade the fake ghost to a drone

With an old bed sheet and a drone you have the ingredients for the perfect fake ghost. Obviously be careful you don’t crash into those trick-or-treaters.

  1. Virtual Haunted House, anyone?

Don’t want to go to the effort ohalloween featuredf decorating the house, why not get a Google Cardboard kit and take your guests on a virtual experience. Good ones are: ’11:57′ and ‘Catatonic’




  1. Things that go bump in the night.

With the range of Bluetooth speakers on the market why not add some creepy sound effects or p
lay a scary playlist from your Spotify or Apple Music to those passer-by’s?

  1. Get your own zombie Photo Booth

Applying that zombie make-up is all fun until that face wipe can’t take anymore afterwards. Get that super scary selfie with the Zombie Booth 2 app available on iOS and Android.


And all that is left is to say… Happy Halloween from inLIFE!