Chris wins TWO awards!

IMG_20151208_094820Chris joined his first breakfast meet, Britestart earlier this year and always found the idea of public speaking a daunting task but now he has been awarded, Newcomer of the Year and 60 Second Wonder at Britestart’s annual awards ceremony – Well Done!

In general, inLIFE regularly attend networking events and there are so many benefits from attending such events, you can read more about the benefits of networking here.

Everyone at inLIFE is very proud of Chris and how far he has come,

Well done Chris!! I remember a couple of years back you thought I was mad for being able to stand up at breakfasts meets, and even when you started, the thought of a 60 seconds was terrifying!
Now here you are dressed as a bloody elf and winning TWO awards for best new comer and 60 seconds lol!
To same I’m proud is an understatement! Great stuff ?

Posted by David Whitehouse on Tuesday, 8 December 2015