360 Video of the inLIFE Office

As video gets more and more popular you may have seen the introduction of 360 degree videos popping up about the place. To create a 360 video, you need a special camera that records all 360 degrees of a scene simultaneously. So when you are watching the video you can choose what angle you want to see from. All you need to do is, if you are on the web you need to click and drag around the video to look around. If you are viewing on a mobile device you can do it by dragging your finger or just by turning and moving your device.

This new video style allows you to look around the world like you have never seen before. Imagine in the future when your friend uploads a 360 video of their holiday, you can pretend to be there and get fully involved within their experience.  There are lots of big corporations creating cool 360 videos but now for something even better! A 360 tour of the inLIFE Office….

360 vid