David presents the importance of ‘User Journey’ at Linkedin-Local Lichfield

In October David presented the keynote at Linkedin Local. Demonstrating the importance of the Online User Journey.

Using the analogy of product placement in supermarkets, with paid positioning this was linked to how LinkedIn choose the content that will hit the top spot as well as the importance of calls to actions following that initial first click!

In summary, whenever you post something to LinkedIn, they then use algorithms to rank your post higher or lower based on the following steps.

  1. Content is first classified by type (image, video, text, article, link)
  2. Depending on type, content is then shown to a small sample group of people to determine how well they receive it.
  3. The sample groups actions then determine whether you then get shown more or less people across LinkedIn. For example: A like would be one point, comment 2 points and share 3 points

David also went in to detail the importance of content, not appearing too spammy as well as calls to actions in your final link. For more details or if you would like to book a similar talk please contact us.

Also keep an eye out for more upcoming Linkedin Local meets by searching on eventbrite for ‘Lichfield Linkedin’