Relaxation for Marketing Managers

Are you a Marketing Manager suffering from the barrage of ‘to do’ bullets coming at you?

Then fear not, because we understand, and we are here to help!

At inLIFE we have experience working as in house Web Developers along with 8 years working side by side with Marketing Managers on an agency basis. This means we have developed the perfect framework for working with in house Marketing Directors and Managers. We know exactly how to make your life easier.

We help take control of your digital nightmare. From bringing all your domains into one place (and making sure they are owned by you) to ensuring a simple process of developing new websites. On top of this we help provide smooth and easily manageable ongoing updates to current websites. We got this!

With our unique tools you can:

  • Receive monthly, weekly or quarterly reports on all digital marketing activities and goals, with month on month comparison.
  • Work seamlessly with us using online shared tools for ongoing updates and prioritised work.
  • Ensure your data is secure and safe, with real time security updates and uptime monitors by us.
  • Real time access to check all digital marketing data in a simple easy to digest format.
  • Automated tools for newsletters, social media and combined blogs.
  • Suggested ideas and upcoming trends (we’ll let you take the credit!).

Whether you are an in house marketing manager, agency or one person marketing powerhouse – we can help you stress less! 

Give us a call today to arrange an informal chat.