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3 ways to get your E-commerce store converting more customers

ecommerceOnline trading has changed the way we do business, with many companies using the internet to reach more customers in parts of the world that they wouldn’t have been able to target before. E-commerce websites are online shop fronts, with customers able to browse products and add them to their basket before paying for them with their credit or debit card.

Of course, the point of an e-commerce website is to showcase the products you have available – but it’s important to remember that it’s only function isn’t to work properly, it has also got to be set up to entice people to buy!

There are three areas that e-commerce sites should really focus on to ensure that they convert their website traffic in to paying customers.

1) The first thing that’s really important with e-commerce website design is to give a potential buyer all of the information they need about your product in an up-front and honest way. You don’t want to overload them with information, but they do need to know certain things – after all, they’re not in a physical shop seeing the product with their own eyes (a great way of doing this is with short video clips or with a small image gallery, especially if your product is in the retail space).

2) Testimonials and user reviews are also really important for e-commerce website design, and good reviews can do a lot of the hard work for you when it comes to conversions. Integrating a reviews function can open you up to criticism – but if your product is good, they allow people to become brand ambassadors of your business and essentially provide an online version of word-of-mouth.

3) Finally when it comes to e-commerce websites and making sure that they are set up to convert as well as to bring in web traffic there is something fundamental you must do which is often overlooked. Very simply, the site has got to be easy to navigate! After all, if you went in to a shop on the high street and you wanted to buy a new top but all you can see is shorts and jeans, how long would you stay in it before you moved on?

A reliable search function is important when it comes to navigation, but you’ve also got to make the browsing experience a pleasant one if someone comes to your e-commerce store without knowing exactly what they want to buy. Grouping your products in to different categories is a good start, but also making sure that you focus on the design of the pages which show each category is incredibly important to achieving a high conversion rate.

If you’re looking to move some of your operations online, or if you already have an e-commerce store that isn’t performing particularly well when it comes to conversions, contact us and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote.

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