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4 reasons the webs bringing back good old fashioned values

1. Honesty & Integrity

The increased use of social networks means that everyone knows your business. With your mom, nan and aunt sally now on your facebook page long gone are the days when you could risk images being posted of you hanging half naked and drunk from a lampost somewhere. You don’t even have to be on facebook or social image sites now … you can be caught up in friends and families photos and spotted by those that know them, and inevitably know you. On top of this you can’t pretend to be ill off work and then post images of you at a theme park, on top of geo locating and tagging places. For example you can’t tell your lover your on a business weekend in london and when she asks you to tag your location.. then appear in prague. Lets hope this side-effect of social networking increases ever more.. bringing us into an open and honest world.

2. Society

Back in the day if you was having a baby.. everyone in the village would know, you could walk into the village shop and they would ask how ‘insert husbands name here’ is and how far gone you were. Everyone knew everyone, this was a society.

Society values started to break apart as people got to busy, cities and towns grew and village shops died off. Now this is another value coming back into play, you can bump into a friend and know they are expecting a baby, how far gone they are and have even seen the scan images before they pull them out to show you.

3. Coupons

Every old person loves a good coupon or discount! The youth never really cared for this until lately with the advent of sites such as https://www.groupon.com/ as well as now discounts from apps such as facebook and foursquare when checking in to shops, restaurants and more! The coupon is back!

4. Good business values

Since business first grew into large corporate entities there has been a distinct separation between business values and the end customer. For a long time the customer could be easily fobbed off without having their voice heard. This again is now a thing of the past thanks to social media such as facebook and twitter. If a business doesn’t have a social network account now then its considered bad practice, but this also gives direct access for the consumer to mention how they have been treated in full view for every other ‘fan’ to see. A lot of business fear this however it should be seen as a good thing, approaching that person and then replying in an open and honest manor shows great customer service, especially if you can turn that single persons views around.

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