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5 Ways a Marketing Manager Can Use Video to Increase Conversions

[Guest Blog] This is a guest post by Phil Arkinstall, Managing Director of video production company Ark Media.

If you would like to learn more about how video production can work for your business, please contact Phil at Ark Media.

A decent marketing manager will be constantly tweaking and monitoring their campaigns to try and improve and increase results. It doesn’t matter whether you are actually selling online or promoting your brand and business online and offline. You need to ensure that you’re maximizing your chances of winning as much business as possible by using the best possible tactics. 

As MD of a video production company I’m obviously bias in thinking that video works well for a number of different reasons and to be fair not only does the research back me up but also our client feedback.  Here are 5 ideas that you can use for your brand to increase conversions:

1. Product Videos

A product video is a video of the product that you want to sell.  It’s generally shown on the product page where you can buy. That said, even if you aren’t an online retailer you can still have a product video which will help to increase sales.  A study by Google revealed that 53% of internet users look at videos before visiting a store to buy a product.

Not only will a product video encourage your site visitors to buy but it also has other advantages. Product videos are:

  • Good for encouraging your site visitors to stay on the product page a little longer (thus convincing them to buy as well as improving your bounce rate).
  • Great for SEO ensuring your site is favoured by google and the other search engines.

There’s no doubt that our attention spans have decreased.   According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds. This is a sharp decrease from the average attention span of 12 seconds in the year 2000.

A well thought out product video gives you the opportunity to gain and keep your viewers attention enabling your brand to communicate with your potential customers for longer than the competition, gaining their buy in and ultimately their purchase. 

2. Remarketing With Video Ads

Marketing managers know that you need to have several touchpoints to ensure you get a final sale.  Remarketing is a great way of ensuring that you can re-engage your site visitors and encourage them to buy.  Remarketing with video ads increases conversions and can really address your barriers to sale, humanizing your brand and ensuring your key messages are communicated in an easily digestible way. 

Your video production company will be able to advise you on the branded content for video ads for remarketing.  The essential thing is to ensure you’re creating killer content via your video to increase your sales.

3. ‘How To’ Videos

How to videos can be used in a variety of ways to increase conversions.   They are the perfect way of breaking down any barriers to sale. If your potential customers have a common reason why they don’t want to buy from your brand, you can use a how to video to break down any fears and alleviate their concerns leaving them with no reason not to buy.   Similarly you can use a how to video to upsell from one product to another.

A video production company with good editors may well be able to utilize existing footage that you may already have from your product, testimonial or explainer videos to translate this into a how to video without the need to film again.  At Ark Media we find that animation can often work well for how to videos, especially if you are trying to show something complicated.  You can see some of our animation case studies here 

4. Personalised Videos

Yes you read that right – videos personalised for the recipient.  Ark’s new tool, TibiVideo, enables brands and businesses to personalise videos for the individual recipient.  You can do this using your CRM data or data from social profiles. And it’s not just about personalising the name and having it on screen.  You can personalise in terms of animation characters – so female for female recipients and male for male. You can also personalise in terms of audio so you can have a voiceover that actually says their name which really gets their attention.  This is great for upselling and reinvigorating lost customers as well as converting new customers.  The list of how you can use personalised videos really is a big one and depends upon your business.  You can order your personalised video here to get a flavor of how other brands have used personalised videos for their audience.

5. Automation   

Brands can use their automation platforms to get a handle on which customers watch more of a video than others and thus plan more.  You could encourage those who have only watched a small proportion to watch more or really go for it with those who have invested their time and watched the majority of your video.  This way you can send further targeted content that really helps you to increase conversions. 

What do you think?  How have you used video to increase your conversions?

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