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A look at Sony’s website

When it comes to creating a website, looking at other sites and how they have been designed can provide you with a great starting point for how you want your online presence to look. Examining larger brands is always a worthwhile activity as they tend to be on the forefront of new ideas when it comes to design – and although it’s likely that you won’t be able to afford their often massive budgets, they can still provide a great source of inspiration.

Sony is a huge business with a massive presence online – not only do they have their main website, but they also create mini-websites based around certain products which fit in to an overall marketing campaign. Sony recently launched a new website called Be Moved to promote their online store, and created a website based around the concept of artists and engineers working together to create excellent products.

Sony created a ‘parallax website’ to do this – a website in which the content is all housed on one page and allows for some really great effects. This website creates the feeling that Sony are telling a story to the website visitor which encourages them to continue scrolling down the parallax page – and by the time they have finished the ‘story’ they will be much more likely to convert in to customers by buying from the store.

So, what story does your website tell?

Of course, you don’t need to have a website full of bells and whistles – and there are many ways that you can tell the story of your brand to website visitors without spending thousands of pounds to do it. For example, do you have a video on your site?

Video is a great way of communicating the values behind your brand, showing the people behind it, and demonstrating how you add value to your customers in a short space of time. Google also like websites with videos, so if they’re optimised properly they can also help you to rank more highly in search engines like Google.

A regularly updated blog page can also help to tell your story as it can provide more information about your company and your services than you can fit in to an effective “About Us” or “Services” page. The format of a blog page gives you the freedom to delve more in to topics, and a good “Blog” or “Latest News” page often has a wide range of topics from company news to industry insight.

So, if you think that your website could do with a bit of a refresh to enable you to let website visitors know your story in a more effective way, contact us and we’d be happy to quote for you. We are now building parallax websites too, and would be happy to talk to you about how they work and how this style of website design could benefit your business.

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