A visit from the talented yet anonymous artist Foka Wolf - inLIFE

A visit from the talented yet anonymous artist Foka Wolf

This week we had the please of being visited by our new client ‘Foka Wolf’

If you have not heard this name yet (particularly in the Midlands) then we can only imagine you have been living under an anti social media rock, in which case then do a quick Google search for ‘Foka Wolf’ or take a look at a handy couple of articles below.

He / She has been compared to the likes of Banksy by the BBC, however with his / her own individual unique style of art. Foka wolf told us ‘The aim is to cause the subject to think about the world and come to their own conclusion, with a humorous undertone of course’

We are very pleased to say that inLIFE are going to working with the legendary Wolf closely on a new project to be launched soon. Watch this space.

As an added bonus we were presented with signed artwork fresh from the latest art exhibition which now adorns the walls of our 121 meeting zone in the office.

As for who the real Foka Wolf is… there is a very real possibility that we actually met with an actor relaying all information through an ear piece, so no one still knows for sure.

We will update the blog with more news on the upcoming project as it unravels.

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