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A website takeover – the perfect way to reach your audience!

Fastcar powerflow website takeoverStandard advertising banners have long been the popular method of digital marketing however in recent years entire site takeovers have become the next logical step in reaching your precise target audience on their favourite website.

Obviously these cost more than regular banner advising but the effect is striking.

YouTube are prime example of a high profile website who offer this service, often being taken over my movies & computer games. Website takeovers generally consist of background change, all banners and any other areas possible to squeeze in that all important message. YouTube’s recent takeover cleverly merged animation through all these elements each interacting with one another to provide a stunning moving website advertisement still encasing the regular YouTube content and layout.

At inLIFE we have developed a website takeover this month for thr biggest UK modifed car magazine Fast Car for our client UK exhaust company Powerflow. Completely rebranding the website www.fastcar.co.uk. The design was to fall in line with web banners and also print advertising within Fastcars magazine this month (also developed by inLIFE). The result of which can currently be seen on their site (as of 7/09/11) and also in the print screen taken above.

If you are interested in a website takeover we are available to manage the entire deal from contacting and researching sites that would have most effect for your brand to the design & development stages. Contact us for more details

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