How we work and where we came from - inLIFE

How we work and where we came from

inLIFE Design was founded by myself David Whitehouse, (Bsc Hons Computing Science). The aim is to provide you professional web design at affordable prices.

inLIFE Design is made up of full time IT professionals who work alongside full time design jobs. Meaning low cost websites but at the same you get high quality and professional work. We make sure your website works for you and target your companies goals entwined with usability and current web guidelines.

Even though we work full time this often means projects are done quicker and more efficiently We are primarily based in the Midlands, Burntwood, Cannock, Lichfield area and always available to meet or contactable via phone or email. Simple is better. So if you are searching for web design companies in Lichfield, make sure you get in touch as we beat any quote & quality.

So why choose inLIFE ?

The problem is today any cowboywith IT skills can knock a website together.. just like anyone could build a house, the key is that not everyone can do it properly. A lot of people claim to be web designers.. and can create sufficient looking pages from their bedrooms. However these usually consist of bad coding or basic templates which cannot be viewed on all browsers or phones, never get updated and built with poor technology that wont last or stay supported.

At the other end of the spectrum are large commercial web design agencies who charge a minimum of 3k for most basic ‘static’ non-editable web sites, this is fact (go out and get some quotes). Most charge for the ‘benefit’ to you and not the level of work done, and often still scrimping to make deadlines with numerous jobs on the go at any one time or churning out basic templates with large costs to cover overheads.

We work in a new and innovative way known as ‘noded‘ this means our Team of IT professionals gather to ensure you get the best results at the best price, we can come out and meet you and guide you every step of the way whether it be via email or in person.

Our aim to get your primary goal across in the most effective way. Your website or application portrays who you are and what you do, getting this right is important because as humans we are unfortunately auto-programmed to judge a book by its cover.

Usability is the key, as you can see from the inLIFE site you can get where you want and what you want quick and easy, but at the same time without scrimping on style. In today’s world people want answers and quick.. so we want to make sure you dont loose your voice in the chaos of the vast web.


We won’t bore you with the ins and outs but rest assured our designs follow the latest W3 internet standards, using high quality coding and CSS on the most reliable platforms. All future proof and protected. For the complete ‘techie’ details of how we go about this take a look at the Quality assurance guide. Or for peace of mind follow our news page which we constantly keep up to date with information on the latest web technologies and trends

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