An update from inLIFE sponsored Paralympic Archer - inLIFE

An update from inLIFE sponsored Paralympic Archer

archerAs some of you may know we are sponsoring a local sportsman Wayne Evans to help him reach Rio 2016 Paralympic games!

Wayne is a wheelchair archer from Cannock with a winning drive and passion for his sport!

So here’s the latest update from our local hero Wayne and his road to gold at Rio 2016 Olympics.

“On 23rd February 2014 I went to Cheltenham to shoot in a competition set up by Deer Park Archers and BWAA, I finished 5 overall and the disable section there were two parts, the first part I finished 3rd and the second part I finished 2nd and I won the BWAA handy cap adjusted trophy, I also shot a Personnel Best in the competition.
I am now being trained full time by Harry Heeley one of the Team GB Coaches at a high level.
On 9th March 2014 I went to the AAA County and open championships in Lilleshall Sports Centre in the competition I finished 4th place, only 10 points difference between myself and 1st place, in this competition last year I placed 14th, I also shot a Personnel Best in this competition.”
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