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Augmented Reality – What will the future bring?

bionicwomaneye_2A new series of Augmented Reality mobile applications are starting to slowley filter their way in and is a sure fire sign of more things to come.

Using layer technology these utilise your mobile devices camera and overlay into it details about the world around you. The latest one iv’e downloaded is an update for my already well used (and globally popular) iphone app called UrbanSpoon.. the scope function brings up the camera and as you move around it shows you the nearest restaurants to you with a dot.. the lager the dot meaning their closer and the smaller meaning further away.. and as you stop the crosshair camera on a dot it shows you the distance and percentage of good reviews.

Stephen fry tweeted about the new Augmented Reality ‘WorkSnug‘ app being realesed soon back on 13th December. Which brings up open places you can work in and around london, in the same way that UrbanSpoon works but by this time showing percentage of their wifi connectivity and others recommendations of what the place is like to work.

Theres no doubt this is going to change the way in which we do simple things like find a restaurant.. but the possibility is endless when it comes to other ideas this could hold in the future! Such as imagine an Augmented reality based game like hide and seek or man hunt using your friends phone to navigate them and shoot them when you have them in

range, or even changing the way we work as people completely, by having global and open offices in which you can

walk round towns with your laptop and work from wherever you like. Or possibly embedded into car windscreens to bring up sat navs, road signs and traffic congestion straight in front of you. Further still imagine having these embedded into regular glasses and seeing holograms of people around you leaning up and sitting on chairs in your home.

inLIFE thinks and augmented future is certainly going to be an interesting one. Watch this space.

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