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Autistic artist draws Newyork City ‘birds eye view’ from memory

alg_artist_stephen_wiltshireAfter just 20 minutes in a helicopter above the newyork skyline, autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire was ready to re-create the big apple from pure memory.

The 35-year-old artist’s autistic disorder affects his ability to interact with other people. It has also given him a photographic memory – and a gift for putting it on paper.

Autistic people who in century’s gone by were often condemned and shunned as disabled, but have in recent times notably shown they have a very special gift of seeing the world differently. Seeing the world as objects and in fine detail, which is also why they lack social skills as they perceive people as objects too. The autistic people who have learned to refine their skills are known as ‘savants’ and include people who can re-site musical masterpieces just from hearing them once, and artists such as Stephen Wiltshire in this case

“I just looked without drawing,” said Wiltshire as he explained how he is able to draw the skyline without referring back to a photograph of the city. “Everything is like a TV show,” he said. “I have never drawn from a sketchbook.”

Wiltshire originally from London is creating the image at the Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn, where the public can watch him work through Friday afternoon.

Source: NY Daily News

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