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Case Study : Boldmere I.T Branding

Boldmere IT are known for providing businesses with professional, fully managed IT services. They wanted to refresh their visual identity this year and effectively communicate their services to their clients. 

We worked with the boldmere team to create a variety of designs for them to utilise. The end result was a brand-new website, as well as custom characters for their entire team and an A5 brochure. 

As great design can communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time, the site’s goal was to establish loyalty, trust, stability, and confidence in their business.

A formal and clean visual identity was incorporated into the final web design. To develop a colour scheme, we combined multiple shades of blue with clear and professional typography. The site’s overall usability and performance will be improved by merging these elements. The site is easy to navigate thanks to its effective use of images, text, and colour scheme.

Boldmere approached us during the web design process, requesting an A5 brochure to distribute. For the various industries they work with, they required three different variations: dental, accounting, and law. They had a vision of a computer being thrown out the window, with onlookers commenting. Our designer used Illustrator to generate an in perspective, scalable, high-quality vector for them to distribute as a hand held visual.

Finally, they requested that two members of their team be characterised and represented as boldmere characters in the web design. The entire Boldmere team were transformed into characters as a result of their delight with the outcome, and they are now spread throughout the website. The presence of these characters throughout the site and on the about page will assist boldmere in establishing a relationship with their audience and encouraging transparency, which will lead to increased trust in the business.

The boldmere project was a huge success from start to finish, and the entire inLIFE team had a great time working on it. We believe that Boldmere IT will thrive in their new visual identity as a result of various stages, designs, and outcomes. 

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