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Case Study : Team Power Boating

Team Power boating approached us seeking a complete new website and business brand to coincide with their re-launch and business take over in summer 2011. The brief was to concentrate on their own online sales aiming towards individual adrenaline seekers as well as corporate and business themes days out.

After meetings with Team Power boating we worked out a balance between how they wished their business to be portrayed along with targeting their audiences interests and characteristics.

Starting off with the logo, their current logo was redesigned into a fresh new style and this was echoed throughout everything to establish recognition of the brand.

old logonew logo

The word Team was reduced smaller to emphasise more on the ‘power boating’ in order to portray that they were an experience day provider and not just a racing team.

Echoing the companies persona we ran with a fast paced adrenaline frenzied theme backed up with the solid and professional content that comes from their 10 years of experience and International winning trainers in the field.

We fed all this information into the design, mixing colourful and action packed imagery with their solid content to create the perfect blend reflecting what they have to offer.

An on-line shop was incorporated into the website leading users towards the final task of purchasing an experience day, as well as the additional option of making their experience day a gift and adding a personal message will full e-commerce capability and online payments.

Catering for past clients was also managed through the web via the gallery allowing clients to view images of their experience day online and then purchase these in multiple formats through the online shop.

From a marketing perspective the best way to promote anything with this amount of action is undoubtedly with a short sharp action packed video that reflected the experience.

We set our professional photographer out on the task of shooting one of the experience days first hand capturing images to be used throughout the web and print media along with a High Definition Video Camera and ‘Boat-Mounted’ camera.

The video was the developed into a full advertising trailer to be used as the forefront of the design on the homepage.

We also set up a Team Powerboating profile page on YouTube with theme that tied in with the website and linked in directly. Hosting the video on YouTube allowed for social sharing across the web as well as allowing them to upload and share any future videos

Again with minimal effort from teampowerboating as the youtube page runs itself. with a number of followers, subscribers and messages from fellow power boat enthusiasts. All with maximum brand exposure in mind.

We then developed further social network campaigns through facebook and twitter. Baring in mind that running a business is time consuming we ensured all social network accounts require as little or as much input as Team Powerboating wish to put into it.

This is down to the fact we linked their news page on the website directly in with the social networking campaigns so every time they update the news it also updates the social network campaigns automatically with minimal amount of work involved.

Full training was provided on using the simple login area backend of the website as well as shown how to add news items and upload images & products easily.

Once the web side was complete we then continued the branding through designs of all print and stationary equipment including flyers, vouchers, online vouchers, letter heads, experience day certificates & business cards.

When the website launched we coincided this with an email marketing campaign and created an email template to match the look and feel, one dedicated more towards individual use and one more towards corporate and business days out.

On top of this additional analytics and Search Engine optimisation have been set in place that have helped push the company up to the top page of search engine rankings as well as monitor all website access and hits through an monthly analytics update.

The final result is now a successful and re branded business who we have an ongoing relationship with as both friends, advisers and web marketing clients.

What Team Power Boating have to say :

We were looking for a complete solution to our online needs including the design of a high class website,a promotional video and good online presence including SEO.

inLIFEDesign not only managed to meet all our needs and requirements but far exceeded all our expectations. David’s knowledge of online marketing and SEO along with an outstanding ability in web design has produced just the profile we were after.

They managed to share our vision and implement our ideas perfectly. We hope to be lucky enough to work with David again in the future and would not hesitate in referring inLIFEDesign and their services.”
– Peter Kirkham. Technical Director

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