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Case Study : Website Security & Support

Our client now rests in the knowledge their website is completely protected from any attacks & loss of sales!

As part of our ‘Premium Hosting + Security updates & support’ packages we offer ongoing security updates, giving you complete peace of mind and GDPR compliance.

Firstly we set up and monitor real-time automated security intelligence for complete 24 hour protection. Alongside this our support team carries out regular manual checkups and important software security updates along with malware scans and firewall adjustments. We also have active downtime alerts on all machines within the office as well as key members mobiles!

Why would they attack our clients website ?

All websites are under attack every day, whether you know it or not, and these attacks are only getting smarter. Not all attacks are human ones, in fact the majority are by automated bots that crawl through the internet looking for security flaws and holes to find any chance to enter your website. These include attempted logins, exploiting known content management and plugin security holes, brute force attacks and SQL injections.

What happens without security protection?

At best a brute force attack could seriously slow down the website or cause the database to crash. However, at worst the bots may eventually find a security flaw or hole and thus destroy the websites content, change content or steal all data. This may include any online client data which would cause a serious breach of GDPR regulations. As our client stores thousands of user CV’s online, it is imperative that this data is secured.

So how do we stop this?

We provide a complete prevention, rather than fixing as an afterthought. This means our client never has to worry about loss of sales or potential data loss.

As part of our service we also provide quarterly reports of all updates and monitoring results within the last quarter as well as a breakdown of attacks received. Below is just an example of the data we monitor and some of the information contained within our reports.


This data is based on results from our client who is a large international recruitment agency with a UK base. This is based on the UK website data alone.


A list of blocked attacks within one month

Attempted failed logins in a single month

Top offending countries

A real time user analysis showing an actual user as well as a bot and it’s location

We have blocked out any revealing information for client and user privacy.

Our client has thanked us for the ongoing support, and with continued reports they know that they are in safe hands.

If you would like any more information about this, or would like the satisfaction of having your website protected then please read more here and we’d love to hear from you.

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