Coronavirus : Business as usual at inLIFE + free website notices for clients - inLIFE

Coronavirus : Business as usual at inLIFE + free website notices for clients

Business as usual

We are continuing business as usual at inLIFE. We are one of the lucky companies who can work from home with minimal disruption, allowing us to continue helping your business grow, however please note a few key points below :

  • Please try an email us where possible rather than call. However, our phones are still working as normal and redirected to all team members mobile apps. If the person who answers isn’t able to help (or who you are looking for) then the relevant person will get a message and call you back as soon as possible between projects. But if you can email direct, it saves time for everyone and we can help you quicker.
  • All SEO, hosting, current and new projects are continuing as usual. There may be some very small extended times on current and new web projects in the pipeline, this is due to running quality control remotely rather than over each others shoulders. We wan’t to make sure all projects maintain quality standards.
  • The inLIFE team is in constant communication with each other via Slack, as well as conferencing & screen sharing to ensure everything runs smoothly. This also helps the team keep a creative bond along with some important human interaction.
  • We can arrange any meetings required via and will continue to communicate with you regularly along with answering all emails in between working on existing projects.

Free website notices for clients 

If you are one of our clients and need to get a key message up on your website about your processes or changes during this time, we are offering this service at no cost. Please email and we will attend to this asap for you.


Thanks to the revolution of the internet it means companies like ourselves can continue to help during these times and continue to be part of creating a connected world for everyone.

We are living in extraordinary times, navigating uncharted waters and we wish you good health. Together we will ensure the spirit of inLIFE continues to thrive!

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