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David’s doing a 100k Ultra Run! Sponsorship welcome

In July 2019 David has signed up to do a 100k Ultra Marathon.

About the Run & Sponsorship

In 2020 Davids Daughters School are aiming to send a group to help and teach underprivileged young children in Cambodia. Please read more information about the work they do at the bottom of this page.

In support of this David has lost his mind and has entered into an Ultra Marathon. The Run known as ‘Race to the Stones‘ is 100k distance within 24 hours on 13th July 2019. It was voted best endurance event 2018 and will take a whole lot of training, prep and support to complete (check out the blog for ongoing updates)

Bear in mind this time last year David could not run a mile, he then signed up for and managed to complete an Iron Man Race within 6 months. So this years bar has been set at an insane new ‘Ultra’ level!

David has a goal of raising £500 towards support this worthy cause and helping his daughter and her school to make a different in these young kids lives.

We would be very grateful if you could make a small donation via the link below and also leave a short message including who it’s from!

Please remember to leave a note who it’s from so we can say thank you.

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About the cause

In 2004 Sir Graham Balfour School raised £12,000 to help build a school in Cambodia.

By 2010 they raised a further £14,000 which allowed the school to be extended. Our on-going links with the school do much to promote the idea of global citizenship.

In 2009 our Cambodia Committee took a decision to press ahead with a much needed 2 classroom extension to replace a tin shack and these classrooms have been in use since October 2010. An additional £14,000 was raised to facilitate this.

As well as improving the classrooms, they have raised money to provide water butts, computers, books, stationary and sports equipment.

They support the school on an ongoing basis providing classroom resources and paying the salary of one of the staff, who is the English Teacher.

They have recently committed additional support by paying the yearly electric bill so that the schools can be connected to the mains electricity and we have supported the decision to increase the salary of the English Teacher.

Every two years 12 sixth form students from our Stafford school fundraise around £1500 per person to go and help out and teach in the school.

For more information please call Sir Graham Balfour School on 01785223490

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