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ePrivacy rules change a year from today – are you ready?

Here we go again, it’s like that confusing Cookie law all over again. Businesses are now getting ready for the ePrivacy Directive coming into play 25th May 2018 from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Earlier in the year the EU Commission managed to slip the proposed regulation under our feet to replace the current ePrivacy Directive. The proposed Regulation is in regards to rules of confidentiality of electronic communications. This includes including VoIP, website tracking (cookies), cold callers and text message marketing. So if your business currently collects any data by electronic means, you may have some change coming your way.


So what does this mean ?

COOKIES : Good news in terms of Cookie laws in that that websites will only need to now act users to opt-in to tracking via their own privacy settings. So this puts the ownership onto the website visitor rather than the website itself. This was announced after the initial nonsensical cookie law last time was created so a lot of websites already take this approach and the GDPR aren’t chasing those that currently don’t. So as long as you have a decent Privacy Policy on your website you will be covered. We can help out with this if required.

COLD CALLING : This is going to take the biggest hit (good we hear you cry!) with Telemarketers calls forced to display their phone numbers or use a unique prefix which indicates the call is for marketing purposes. So now we know who to ignore!

VOIP : Voice Over IP allows calls to be made via internet access without charging your mobile contract. There are rumours that the new law may effect these services currently provided through Mobile Applications like WhatsApp

SMS : You will not be allowed to simply text someone just because they filled out your contact form with their mobile number. They must now give “freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous” i.e tick a box to say this is ok


Summary of the 2018 rules :


  • data must be processed lawfully, transparently and fairly
  • personal data must be collected for an intended, limited and explicit purpose
  • data collected must be minimal to include what is necessary to the purpose
  • data must be up to date and accurate
  • processing data must have the appropriate level of security
  • the data controller must be responsible and compliant with these principles


So what do you need to do ?

Hard ‘opt-in’ is the new terminology that will be on all marketers lips. Basically this means that you will require tick boxes for users to specifically say they are happy to be contacted, or notify them that by completing a specific form they are agreeing to this. Also in regards to your website just make sure you have a solid Privacy Policy (which we can help with).

The good news is that data you collect now will be quality data of users who are genuinely interested in your project, meaning a greater return rate on direct marketing to these users and hopefully a reduced cost rather than sending out blanket marketing for a small percentage of return.

A good way to get users to opt-in to your marketing would be to offer something of value such as discounts or loyalty schemes. Competitions also work as long as you notify users by entering the competition they are opting in to your marketing which can be integrated with your social media marketing to get great results.

We have plenty more ideas on how you can comply to the new laws as well as gather quality data and market to users with effective results.


Just give us a call or drop us an email for more details. Just remember in doing so you are opting in to our marketing (joke… not really)

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