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F8 Developer Conference Key Ideas

Facebook are expanding their horizons and want to be more than just a single app. During the F8, Facebook annual developer conference the company announced a heap of new stuff for the future of Facebook. So we’ve had a look at some of the best points from the conference.

Messenger as a platform:

This means the Messenger function is going to be open to the developers so it will have lots more functions to make communication more exciting. It will have things like; silly voice changers for voice messages and a doodle pad to send your drawings to friends.

Real time Comment System:

The comment system is have a new lease of life. Comments will update on real time and will sync across the shared new story.

Embed you Facebook Videos:

Like YouTube, it will now be available for users to embed their videos from Facebook onto other sites.

Spherical Video:

Facebook are going to be supporting the 3D spherical video in the newsfeed. You’ll be able to use your mouse to pan around the video. While it might not look as cool on a flat screen to view 3D videos this is so they can link with their latest purchase Oculus Rift. So with your VR headset you’ll be able to watch your newsfeed as if you were there.

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