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Full marketing campaign with Dudley Council, from street to cinema ads

Dudley Council ‘Support Local’ Marketing Campaign

We recently worked on a complete local campaign with Dudley Council. Providing everything from bus advertisement designs to Cinema and Sky Adverts.

They initially approached us when required a support local campaign to encourage local businesses while also ensuring safe shopping. The plan was to publicise it across the community, including on the street, on social media, and online. We began the project at the beginning of the year, and it is now well-established throughout Dudley borough.

The project started with our designer generating a comprehensive brand strategy and concept document. All of the fonts, colours, logos, style, and other aspects that will be used in their upcoming designs are laid out in the document. This is crucial since it informs the client about the design approach and gives them an idea of what to expect before the design stage. We began an extensive design phase of all the assets they required after the document was approved.

We created 15 assets for the council in total, including materials such as roller banners, lamppost banners, bollard covers, bus stickers, a billboard, newspaper assets, and a television sky advertisement.

The design style incorporates relatable and familiar vectors throughout, as well as vivid, stand-out colours, resulting in high brand recognition. When scrolling online or driving down the street, it is important for the residents of Dudley to quickly establish the brand and understand its purpose. While being straightforward, uncomplicated, and to the point, the materials convey information fast and clearly. The use of a bright colour is eye-catching, and the overall message is one of friendliness that is neither controversial nor harmful.

Sky TV / Cinema Ad

Animated bus shelter Ad

All assets have all be designed in software in which allows them to be scalable to how big or small they need to be.

The Dudley Council Support Local campaign was a huge success from start to finish. The inLIFE team are proud to showcase this positive, uplifting and supportive campaign throughout Dudley borough.

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