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Get ahead of your competition with a simple change

Theres many things that can effect your SEO ranking, including the technical things SEO agencies like us do behind the scenes there are also a number of ways you can help get ahead of your competition yourself (See our article 5 ways to help your own SEO)

But there are some things, often the simplest things that can be easily overlooked! One off these is your hosting.

Google have announced that theres a couple of factors in relation to hosting that effect how well you are ranked and in turn help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Faster Hosting

vpsGoogle has announced site speed is one of the algorithms they analyse to rank pages higher. The first thing that can effect site speed is the amount  and quality of code that your website is written in, this if why at inLIFE when we create a website we think about this from the outset. However the second factor fast your website loads, which is purely down to the hosting.

Most SME’s will reside on one of two types of hosting. Either a shared platform or a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Shared means there will be a number of other sites hosted on the same server as you which generally run a little slower. A VPS means you have your own server (so you can also host multiple websites on there if required) but this gives you the advantage of hogging all the bandwidth yo yourself making your website run a lot faster, therefore ranked higher by Google.

We offer VPS solutions as part of our advanced hosting packages at just £395 per year, on top of improving your google ranking this also comes with daily backups, the ability to host multiple websites.

SSL Certificates

sslAn SSL Certificate secures your by creating an encrypted link between the user and your site. It’s a bit like sealing an envelope before posting it. This shows your users you are serious about security when they are navigating your site. However Google now favours website that use SSL and has made it part of its algorithms to favour websites with SSL over ones without, again putting you one step of the competition on search engines.

We provide 2 types of SSL, domain level ones for standard websites at £50 per annum and insured SSL certificates (for commerce sites) at £295 per anum.

From now until October we are providing FREE domain name level SSL’s with every VPS hosting package taken out

If you have any further questions on any of the above please feel free to give us a call on 015436 or email

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