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Get Twitters new ‘Follow Anywhere’ on your site

Twitter have now launched their ‘Anywhere’ service allowing you to embed a twitter follow button directly into your website. This allows users to simple click your ‘follow’ button thus following you on twitter without even leaving the page.

It works in a similar way to facebooks social graph. If you have been browsing the net lately you may have noticed facebooks ‘like’ buttons on a number of websites. Allowing users to ‘like’ a product, or service without leaving that particular page. This works well in that it also shows all your facebook friends who ‘like’ that product, so for example I have a friend who is a photographer and when browsing online for a new lens I can see instantly that he ‘likes’ that particular lens.. that to me is a perfect recommendation to buy it.

Twitter’s anywhere service works in the same way making twitter seamless across the net. It not only allows users to instantly follow you by clicking a button it also automatically transforms twitter names within your text (beginning with @) into follow links. For example hover your mouse over here –> @inlifedesign

However their Anywhere service is a little more tricky for the every day net user to install in comparison to facebooks ‘like’ button integration. It involves entering some code into your websites header code as well as some direct code editing rather than the simple copy and paste service that facebook offer. More details on setting up Twitter Anywhere can be found here.

If you wan’t further advice on how to get Twitter Anywhere on your site contact us today

You can see an example of both facebook and twitters direct website embedding at the bottom of this page in our footer (scroll right down to the bottom and take a peek)

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