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Googles HTTPS Deadline is coming… are you ready?

It seems 2018 is the year of annoying deadlines. We have just got over the GDPR deadline kicking and screaming and now another one looms!

Google (as well as us) have been encouraging stronger security practices the past few years as this not only helps protect your website against the influx of online attacks, but also helps you rank higher.

Now they have announced a deadline for websites to upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS (Not sure what this means? We explain it further down) – That deadline is almost upon us: July 2018.


So what is HTTPS?

Both HTTP and HTTPS are protocols on which your website sits. It’s what is used to transmit data between the user and your web server.

The difference is that HTTPS does this securely, so if anyone tries to access the users information being sent then they won’t be able to read it.

Upgrading to HTTPS means you are providing a high level of security for your website visitors.


So why the deadline?

In July, Google launches it’s new browser Chrome 68, in which Google will now be showing explicit warnings to your website visitors if your website is insecure based on whether it is HTTP rather than HTTPS.

Chrome browser now holds the largest share worldwide of internet browser usage, with 58% of the market and the second most popular being Safari at just 14%. So if you do not wish to make the change then you could be facing a significant negative impact on your websites performance.

Data protection is on the tip of everyones tongues at the moment following the GDPR onslaught, so when a user see’s your website flagged as ‘not secure’ they may seriously consider heading elsewhere.

In addition HTTPS is already known for being ranked higher on Google search, so when the deadline hits there is every chance that any sites left as HTTP will drop further down the organic search.


The benefits of moving to HTTPS?

We set up HTTPS as part and parcel of our premium level hosting, meaning the website is not only secure through web browsers but you get the additional benefits of of firewall protection, server maintenance, malware scans, faster load times and more (see list below)

HTTPS Security Certificate : Removing ‘un-secure website’ message in user browsers and showing the green padlock next to your domain name.
Better Google Ranking : Drastically increased website speeds and HTTPS combined mean your website will rank higher on Google.
Ongoing Backups : Providing weekly secured backups of all your website files and database.
GDPR Compliance : We will add all current GDPR compliance elements to your website, as well as any future required legislation changes.
Firewall Protection : We block any potential attacks to your website both at server and software side, including malware scans, monitoring and security updates.
Reassurance : With our downtime monitor, security monitoring and in house support team you can relax knowing we are taking care of things.


What to do?

If you would like any more information or to discuss upgrading your hosting to HTTPS then please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Email :

Call : 01543 675474

Cost : Request pricing here

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