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Google’s latest algorithm will mean mobile sites are EVEN MORE important

mobileIn May, Google are changing their algorithms… yet again! But fear not, our SEO experts are on the ball to let you know what’s going on.

They made a big change last April making mobile friendly websites rank higher and now they are at it again. This time stepping it up another notch!

Now mobile browsing has overtaken desktop internet usage in the UK, the basic idea is to give mobile users a better search experience. So now having a mobile responsive site will be more important than ever.

Google offers a free online tester to check if your website is deemed mobile friendly by them. Run your test here and Webmaster Tools now features a full section highlighting ‘mobile usability errors’ on your site too.

We also do this check as part of our free SEO audit available here, where you can also download our SEO information and pricing guide.

So what’s next?

Google has always favoured sites with a fast load speed and over the past few months they have introduced their Accelerated Mobile Pages project (or AMP)

Whilst it does not use AMP as a ranking priority today, it does prominently show AMP pages and it is also rumoured that it will play more of a part in the future and over time it will gradually increase the importance of using AMP.

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