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Guest Blog : Autistic Acheivers

How inLIFE Design turned an idea for Autistic Achievers into a reality.

philAs a 27-year-old who has gone through life with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, I am somebody who has realised through turning into an adult from a child that there is a reinforced glass ceiling just above my head that cannot be broken. It feels like there is something which is stopping me from excelling, and there seems to be no way of breaking through the shield to get to where I want to be. The glass is the force field that stands between finding employment as an autistic person and trying to get employers to understand the positives of autism in an employee, but does it have to be there?

The answer to this question is no. As somebody who has managed to find two jobs with two employers, I’ve been given chances to show what I can do and as a result, I have set up Autistic Achievers as a Lichfield-based specialist online recruitment portal that looks to work with employers in Great Britain to develop job vacancies which take the positive traits, such as alertness, clarity, honesty, passion and precision and negative traits of autism, such as difficulty in holding eye contact and trouble in understanding social cues such as body language and facial expressions, into account. I want to break the fear of the unknown and get autistic people into employment because as the National Autistic Society revealed in The Way We Are: Autism in 2012, 79% of all British autistic people are struggling to find a job despite searching for and applying for vacancies on a regular basis. Issues with communication skills contribute to this and with only 15% of all British autistic people being lucky enough to become employed, like myself, something needs to be done.

I’m looking to make a change and with the help of Chris, David, Daniel and Danny at inLIFE Design, this is something that has gone from being impossible to being possible. By first sharing my idea with Chris as a member of his family and then David, the process of turning Autistic Achievers into a fully operational online service was something that they helped a lot in doing.

This is something that I couldn’t have done myself so I’m thankful for all of the help that I have been given. Turning plans for a website into reality, with all of the legal bits like my terms and conditions and contact details needing to find a place alongside all of the fun bits, like the job vacancies themselves and the Autistic Achievers and My Autistic Life blogs, is not easy as you might think!

If you’re thinking about revamping your own online presence, have a look at the inLIFE website and then have a look at mine. You’ll see what they are able to do, and you’ll see how they have turned my dream into a reality that will hopefully grow successful over time.

– Phil Evans
Founder, Autistic Achievers

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