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How the web is helping Japan

The news on everyone’s mind at the moment is obviously the shocking devastation from Japan’s Earthquakes and Tsunami. Now just as the live map of Japans earthquakes since march 11th here as well as on going ones.

The reactions from not only the Japanese but from across the world also showed global concern taking over twitters top subject for the day, you can also view live a map of tweets still going on as we speak as they happen in real time here

On the same day live Japanese news channel feeds were being streamed across the Internet with victims posting videos to YouTube and updates on twitter as it happened.

Google even launched a version of it’s people finder specifically to aid the earthquake victims.

The reaction from the Tech community has also been great as a whole, google have launched their people finder and news update service as well as donation buttons, apple have but a donate button on the first page of iTunes, istock photo are selling Japan images with profit going to Japan. An apple store in Tokyo on the day it happened also opened all night offering free wifi and as many iPhone chargers as they could to anyone who needed it.

If you own a website or blog you can also help yourself by adding a single snippet of code anywhere into your website or ask your webmaster to do this.

At inLIFE we are offering to do this service for you for free in support of Japan, just email

Only now are we seeing the true power of the Internet when humanity can collate from a single communication source, and this is just the beginning.

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