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100% targeted advertising – at half the cost

Email marketing is the perfect way of getting your message out there and direct traffic back to your website. Sounds simple, but the problem arises when it comes to gathering the email addresses to target in the first place, and secondly sending multiple emails without being blocked and branded as spam!

Through developing marketing campaigns for companies of various sizes we have seen on a number of occasions a client under the impression they can simply send out a mass email themselves from the desktop or web email program they use in the office, then a couple of months down the line wonder why any of their emails are not getting through to clients. The mistake here is that if email is sent in bulk from a single server that email address then gets added to a spam black list, then any following emails be they important business emails or not.. all end up in the end users spam box thus cutting of all your email communication all together and taking a while to get it back, not what you want!

This is why dedicate email campaign providers exist to overcome this by utilising multiple mail servers and send out mass emails without being blocked and also legally in that a user can unsubscribe at any time.

But again we then found a familiar story from a number of clients that they have paid an email campaign corporation such as ‘commincator’ tens of thousands of pounds, starting from £700 a month basic packages to fire out mass emails, with email template and recorded analytics. Although these still require you as a business to create the email template and provide the mailing list of users to send it to? So back to square one.

While this is ideal for large corporations such as Next and Marks and Spencers who have large mailing lists, for a small to medium sized business the chances are most don’thave a user mailing list to send to.. so this becomes worthless still (and yes we have seen this happen in the field where companies have paid £700 a month to send 10 or 20 emails due to their lack of client database)

So what other options have you got? Up until now there were non!
So we decided to sit down and work out what would be the ideal option for a new busines or company who does not have a mailing list.

1) We came to the conclusion that the perfect solution would be a client database already in place and dedicated to various sectors anything from entertainment to home maintenance.

2) Make sure these email receivers are alreaded voluntarily opted in to receive this sort of information (keeping it legal) and reaching the exact target audience without having to go gather and build an an email database.

3) TO have already includede a custom email template branded and designed specifically for the busines in question. So then all thats left for the client to do is provide content, and it is sent out accordingly.

So thats exactly what we did.

We teamed up with datacorp to provide this exact service. Potentioal customers emails have already been gathered for years by datacorp through partnerships with leading media organisations who already have a huge email database of users outhere interested in receiving emails on particular subjects or areas of interest. Working with many organisations such as

  • Travel and tourism
  • Finance
  • Lead generation
  • Home improvements
  • Gambling
  • Property
  • Consumer goods
  • Hospitality, bars and clubs
  • Event promotion
  • Motor industry
  • Online shopping
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Training
  • Cleaning services

All you have to do then is provide the content and we do the rest, you are even given a login to track emails and who has clicked on your various links with analytics to analyse how well the campaign has worked and see exactly where they went.

As ever the aim at inLIFEDesign is to make the web simple for your business, whilst maintaining your important input and company direction.

Not only that at but we like to keep the price sensible with a single one off fee starting at just £175

Check our services page for full details and pricing

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