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How to push your business on facebook

Its getting beyond the stage now where many business can still snub facebook off as a fad for teenagers and socialites.

With 1 in every 13 people now on facebook and half of them logged in on any given day.. If you haven’t got a business fan page yet it’s time to catch up.

The first mistake most people make is signing up as a new facebook user with their business name. Facebook are now phasing this out and all accounts created that aren’t an individuals (as in a person, not a business) are being removed. So if you have already made this mistake follow the same advise below.

This part is for those who don’t already have a facebook fan page, if you do then skip to the next paragraph. First off the benefit if a fan page is that users can get updates on what your business is doing (keep it interesting) you can make use of facebook adverts to target users exactly at a small extra cost (I.e all women in London interested in reading) you can be very specific with facebook ads directing users interest, age range, sex and more making it the most powerful advertising tool on the net at the moment. Users can also interact on your page, post their own reviews (that can be moderated by you) and get a good sense of interaction directly with your company. If you think that’s a bad idea then take a look at the thousands of big name companies already doing it. E.g. Nike, Tesco, Next. So to get started first of all you need to be registered to facebook as an individual then head here and follow the simple steps. Once you have created your page facebook provide you a tour of what to do next.

Once you have your page the next step is to get ‘likes’ the first best way of doing this is using facebook advertising which you can tailor to any budget. However if you don’t want to start paying just yet then you can suggest it to your friends via the link on facebook or just tell people you know via email and in person. Remember when they click ‘like’ their friends see that and can also follow suite, and their friends friends see that and so on. This is the power of facebook (the old 6 degrees of separation in it’s purest form)

The next option you have is adding facebook links to your website, emails and also using facebooks social plugins a to get ‘likes’ direct from your own website without users even having to leave your site, you can learn how to do this the best way here

Finally once you have got your page up and running then check out this guide for 10 tips on posting your brands on facebook!

If you are new to the whole thing then this may take a bit of time to get used to the idea, but just ask any body you know for advise as the chances are one in 13 people you speak to are already be doing it.

Next month we will cover the benefit of twitter, and how facebook and twitter can also have a great effect on your search engines rankings.

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