What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the process of Identifying influencers who create high-impact conversations with your ideal target audience. While building relationships, by engaging and supporting these influencers to promote products or services.

Youtuber’s and Bloggers have now become the modern day celebrity, with subscriptions and niche target audiences in the high millions. We have a large database of top UK and International based influencers to utilise and hit your target audience direct.

Planning & Experience

We advise and plan the best possible influencers for your niche. Working from our unique relationship and experience with Youtubers and Bloggers for the best results in line with your budget.

Campaign Monitoring

We monitor and ensure the influencers do their job, with strict contracts in place for them to meet so they portray your product or brand in the best possible light. We can also arrange direct meetings if required.

Tracking & Results

We provide the influencers with unique coded links so we can track the results and full reach of the campaign as well as potential goals such as sales made or pages visited. A follow up report then outlines the complete result.

Example pricing & packages

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Why work with us?

We have influencer marketing professionals within the company. This includes Ellie, who is our influencer marketing specialist. With over 3 years of experience within that industry alone, we can guarantee a fair, friendly service.

‘I have a passion for all things digital. Influencer Marketing is a great way to gain brand recognition and to potentially generate more sales. This in the long term will benefit your company. If you include Influencer Marketing within your marketing bundle it will all help to maximise profits and promote your brand or product.’

– Ellie, inLIFE Influencer Specialist

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What we do?

2019 Influencer Stats

Women say they use social media for purchasing advice: 86%
Teens say they trust influencers more than traditional celebs: 70%
Fashion companies that engage in Influencer Marketing: 57%
Consumers say that depend on influencer recommendations: 49%
Consumers now using regular advert blocking technology: 40%
20% of social media users are likely to share a product post by an influencer. 20%

We can put together an Influencer marketing campaign strategy for you in order to generate recognition and more potential sales. We also offer proposition creation and media pack development. This includes all information on campaign deliverables. The other ways we work are through celebrity endorsements and blogger outreach. We run the talent management for you and set up all contract negotiations. Any competitions & prize fulfilment ran we will also manage. Creation of apps and engagement campaigns is also something we would do for you as well as look after.

We hold long established relationships with multiple different bloggers, influencers and celebrities. We are trusted by them and even have reduced rates on offer with higher deliverables. We use only the most trusted and authentic influencers. Our aim is to provide you with the best service along with the best possible results.

We have thousands of influencers on our network, whether it be within the UK or internationally, we can help. You may have an idea as to who you would like to work with and the type of campaign you wish to run, however, you may have no idea where to start. We can help you set up the best campaign for you based on your budget and overall, long term business goals. This will then create the recognition and sales you wish to achieve.

In Addition, we can also assist you with the amplification of your influencer marketing campaign. This could be through social media content, events, traditional PR as well as providing a marketing bundle, which could include things such as web design and search engine optimisation.

We also offer monthly rolling contracts for us to reach out to brand ambassadors to gain your company continuous outreach. For more information, talk to us today.