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inLIFE Virtual Reality Apps with Oculus Rift

1At inLIFE we always like to be at the forefront of web technology, so today sees the start of our new venture working on mobile and web based applications that interact with virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift and Oculus Samsung gear VR (for use with mobile apps).

Oculus last year was acquired by web giants Facebook who are already working behind the scenes to bring a VR world to the Facebook universe. Also with announcements of the new Steven Spielburg film ‘Ready player one’ based on the popular book by Ernest Cline this science fiction will soon be a reality within our lifetime.

The whole premise behind the inLIFE brand name is bringing the web seamlessly into life, so this is our first step forward into achieving this.

We have now teamed up with 3D visualisation gurus at WhiteCrow studios, working closely with them to bring you interactive 3D apps and websites. Imagine stepping into a 3D online shop and being able to physically look at the products (even feel them with the future of haptic technology) and read all about a products particular features. Or walk round an entire showroom changing the colour of the furniture, wallpaper and flooring to suite your needs. These are all projects currently in the pipeline with the calibration between inLIFE & WhiteCrow, so watch this space!

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