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M&S and WHSmiths webites voted best usability 2009

usabilityThe usability gurus at Webcredible.co.uk run a yearly usabilty check on 20 of the most popular high street websites. This year Marks & Spencers website has come out on top with 83% alongside WHSmiths who also scored a grand 83% .

You can view the full webcredible report on their website but a quick over view of scores is below.. which starngely enough includes woolworths.

  • WHSmith – 83%
  • Marks & Spencer – 83%
  • John Lewis – 81%
  • Woolworths – 80%
  • Boots – 80%
  • H. Samuel – 76%
  • B&Q – 76%
  • Early Learning Centre – 75%
  • HMV – 75%
  • Waterstones – 75%

The most areas found that could be improved were using the same form for logging on and registering, allowing customers to alter the number of products displayed on a page and changing the colour of visited links.

Usability on the web is a big deal and something consumers often subliminally overlook whilst getting lost through the vast sea of a mindless content then simply moving on. Although slightly frustrating for the user this is extremely costly for the company who’s website is being viewed.

Good usability not only helps you find what you need quick, fast and painless but makes a browsing experience much more relaxing and ensures good businesses don’t loose your custom. There’s a whole lot of details and un-obvious schematics that go into good usability of a website which as the average consumer you wouldn’t even realise. Ever noticed as an experienced web user when looking for a search box your eyes automatically go up and to the right?.

The subtle inclusion of good usability in a website is often the key factor that lets in-experienced designers down. Thankfully at twink weve got bucket loads of experience in the subject.. so rest assured. Now where did I put that homepage?

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