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HANDY work featured in eMag and popular car enthusiast magazine

A few weeks ago when the tree’s had green leaves and the mornings where warm, the CEO called a meeting to go over a new and exciting project. The project was to create an advert which would promote the online wheel selector on the BK Racing website , If they liked the final product it would be published in the next month’s edition of Fastcar magazine.

The great thing about this project is that we had a free rein on the design and could really just go all out and show our creativity, After envisioning in my mind what I would like the advert to eventually look like, It was back to the meeting room to present my idea using mood boards and rough sketches to see if I was given the all clear to run with the idea.

Once I was given the all clear it was time to open up Photoshop, this is where all the magic happens !!!

My idea came from back in my youth, when I used to love customising my toy cars especially my Ford Escort Cosworth. I used to spend hours ripping the wheels on and off changing them with different cars then having bright idea’s like painting them with tipex etc lol.

Anyway in my mind I’d set out an image of a toy car laying on a laminate floor with mini BK Racing alloy wheels on. At first this looked pretty cool but it didn’t really promote the product as intended, So I made some packaging and added the wheels into the packaging.

Now it was coming together I  duplicated the packets and scattered them about on the fictional lamiate floor, each time changing the wheels and adding the correct product number so that they where easily found on the website if readers of the advert chose to search for them.

I also added an image of my hand to give the advert the effect that I was holding the wheel and that I was going to change the old wheels, for nice new shiny BK racing one’s, and yes I am quite proud now that my right hand has now been seen by as many as 10,000 people.

In total I made five different variations of the advert until I was happy with the final product, underneath you can see version one on the left and the final version on the right along with a screenshot of the advert which is now available on the iTunes store in the Fastcar eMag and also in the Fastcar monthly magazine.

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