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Optimising your website for the next generation of search – Voice

Voice search is a growing market and it will give online marketers like us a disruptive opportunity to make your services or products visible. Google has a hidden algorithm, so when a user punches in a search it will display a list of results which are relevant to the phrase that you entered. There are many different factors into why those exact results were displayed to you which we will cover in another blog article.

Until now this algorithm has been left pretty much unchanged for the most part, however in the future it’s expected to change dramatically,  as will the whole search experience. In the future more and more people will be using search engines the most natural way, which is of course by communicating by voice.
The Digital Marketing Deport has released some research that is available to download, it includes research and insights into the essentials of Voice Search that marketers need to know to prepare. If this is of interest to you then please download it here.

Here’s a question for you. If you wanted to find out the distance between the earth and the moon. What would you search for?

a) You were on a computer and typed in the phrase?


b) You spoke into your mobile phone using a service such as SIRI or Cortana?

If you use the web, like most average people. You would’ve probably abbreviated the search to something like “Distance from Earth to Moon” however if you were speaking into a device then you’d have been far more likely to have used the search in it’s natural form and not shortened the phrase.

Without being conscious you alter your behaviour between text and voice. We all do it, mainly to save time especially when using mobile devices.


Distance from earth to moon













A study that has been carried out, shows that the main demographic of people using voice search are aged between 18-29. This is expected as younger people tend to adopt and embrace new technology to that of older users. As the years pass these people will be potentially searching for your business. So I would definitely embrace voice search and perhaps in the future speak with a Digital Marketing Agency such as ourselves to find out how you can best optimise your website.

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