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Organic SEO vs Pay Per Click SEO

The majority of businesses are now taking to the internet in a bid to attract lots of customers and produce high revenues, which means the time will come when you need to decide how to market your website. Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Cick SEO?

Pay Per Click (PPC)  is  a way of purchasing a spot in the sponsored area charged by the amount of clicks the website receives. This leads to instant boosts in traffic to your website however not all of these clicks turn into sales. The basis that you are paying for any traffic you receive means that once you stop doing so you will lose any visitors and will struggle to be found so its only a short term tool is very pricey.

Organic SEO is a a way of altering the website to ensure you rank higher in the organic listings, this is a more long term approach and often more trusted by most savvy web users.

So whats the benefit of Organic SEO?

Unlike Pay Per Click, organic SEO gives long term success as the website is easily found at a lower cost than PPC.  The organic results are also more credible so it could lead to more clicks anyway. Organic SEO is a way of ensuring you remain ahead of the competition to attract customers.

Organic SEO is shown to give a high return on investment as your website becomes easily accessible leading to more opportunity for sales. Also the visitors that end up on your website are actively looking for a product or service you offer due to the keywords they used so Organic SEO is brilliant for targeted traffic increasing the conversion rate.

The internet never sleeps, so by focusing your marketing on having an easily accessible website it’s a great way of constantly advertising your business and creating brand awareness. Overall being further up the natural rankings increases the credibility of your website in a viewers mind.

Remember if every you have any questions you can always call us for free advise. Or for more information on our SEO services both Organic and PPC, download our SEO information pack here.


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