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Our top 4 Digital Marketing trends for 2021

In 2020 we witnessed a number of previous ‘digital marketing deniers’ suddenly forced to embrace the power of the web.

2021 will now see a number of people scrambling to catch up with those who have been online for years, alongside those who have been on for some time having a new influx of competition to contend with!

Here’s our top 4 tips on how to stay ahead of the game in 2021

Whilst some of these are not new concepts, they now have a new angle and will be key in your marketing this year

1 – Customer Segmentation

This is not a new idea in the marketing arena, but is one that is now finding new popularity online. The concept is to have a larger number of small marketing campaigns targeting individual specific audiences, rather than a single campaign targeting a large number of audiences.

This involves breaking your clients down into types. For example.. targeting the CEO, targeting the Purchasing Manager, targeting the Sale Director and so forth. So each message is dedicated to that users specific pains and needs. This can be achieved through targeted ads as well as breaking your website down into sectors with key messages for each.

2 – Humanise Digitally

With ‘face to face’ looking to be off the cards for a large proportion of the year, getting a human message across will need to be done digitally. Something that you may find easy to sell in person, can be much more difficult when trying to put down into text or simple imagery. With a video or animation, this message can be short sharp and succinct, as well as allowing you to hit multiple people with your sales pitch in one go. This can be achieved through high quality video as well as a combination of animation. We have a socially distanced and safe green screen set up at the inLIFE office if needed.

3 – Get Local

Google updates their ‘local’ algorithm on a continuous basis, so our SEO team always need to stay on the ball with these changes. Local SEO is now proving to be even more popular that broad SEO as more and more people are looking to shop local, and it is much easier to convert them.

Getting your Google business page optimised and verified as well as linked to your website is key here! Then working on those Google reviews. Google reviews and page info can also be embedded to your website. Alongside this, prioritising local search terms within your content and SEO key phrases will make all the difference.

4 – That seamless experience

A website should always take a user on a journey to achieve both their goal combined with yours. So ensuring your website has a good flow with ‘calls to action’ will help here. This is now echoing through to other platforms, whether it be syncing your online booking form with your google calendar, allowing your customers to buy direct from your social media platforms, or syncing your blog posts into an automated newsletter to customer segments. This is specific to each individuals needs, so have a chat with us and we can always recommend a way of making both yours and your customers life easier.

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