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Push notifications for websites and mobile apps

Push notifications are used by everyone these days.  It’s not even just mobile apps using them now either – more and more websites are using them too!  How many times recently have you noticed this little popup on a website you visited?

Push notifications are great for driving repeat traffic back to your website or app, and can even be targeted at specific audiences and demographics, much like Google AdWords.  But there’s one big difference between advertising and push notifications – it costs nothing to send a push notification!  Granted, people already need to be opted in to receive notifications from your website, or have your app installed – but these are people who have clearly shown an interest in what you have to say, so the odds are that they’ll return.  And once your website or mobile app is set to send push notifications, there are no hidden or ongoing costs.

We can even configure notifications to go out on schedules, and automate them for when you post a new article.  It’s even possible to automate a “happy birthday” message to your userbase, and little things like this are a great way to show you care.

If you’d like to learn more about push notifications, why not give us a call on 01543 675474 and we’ll have a chat!

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